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Inspired Living Podcast

Inspired Living is a health and wellness podcast. Learn how the foundations of psychology, science and principles of wisdom can inspire, motivate, empower and equip us to live more effectively and masterfully. We inspire by living an inspired life!


"Transform from the person you were programmed to be into the person you were designed to be."


~Dr Shawn Horn


The Shame Busting Psychologist!

Dr Shawn Horn is a licensed psychologist, author and speaker. In addition to her private practice in Spokane, WA, she serves as faculty at the University of Washington's Medical School (Spokane's Psychiatric Residency Program), is columnist for TOI magazine, hosts Inspired Living Podcast, is a media consultant, founder of Instagram's The Psychology Directory, and host of YouTube's Digital Practice. With over two decades of experience in the mental health field she is now bringing the wisdom of the therapy room to larger audiences. Her mission is to bust through shame, ignite hope and inspire wholehearted living!


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